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Arthur Benjamin

Hi I am a relatively new user on Scribus.  I was using Scribus 1.4.6 and until recently was able to figure things out.  But recently, any attempt to wrap text around ANY image frame fails.  It doesn't matter if I choose to wrap text around the image frame, bounding box, or contour line.  In all cases, the text just overlaps the image frame. I have since tried updating to version 1.4.7 but that didn't change anything.  This used to work perfectly for me. FYI: I am only using one layer.  I have no idea what the problem is.  Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a screen shot.

[attachment deleted by admin]


One layer or no, the image needs 'moved up'.  Highlight the image, go to X,Y,Z properties, and 'level it up'.  It is under the text frame, so the text doesn't know it's there to go around.
Scribus 1.6.0 Stable
Windows 11