Delete standard Printer becouse of priner margins

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I haven´t found an answer on this problem:
win 10 64 pro

I try to create a pdf for a print shop and don´t want to print at home.

Now scribus always loads my home printer with it´s margins.
Always when i choose an other printer from the drop down like microsoft pdf, the margins are set to 0. After ok, and reenter the option the home printer (is not system standard in windows) is here agan.

Do you have any advice what I can do to remove this standard printer setting from scribus?

Thank you!

Sorry I haven´t seen, that there is an extra windows folder!

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hi bufu

do you need some printer related margins?

if i use margins, i use them for real layout creation. i never use them as an interpretation of the unprintable area of some machine. (i have never used the button for the selection of specific 'printer margins'...)



Hi bufu, do not click on the printer margin button, you set the margins right above that button.  That button is only if you have a specific printer that you know you are going to use and would like Scribus to set those defaults for you.  I agree it is a bit confusing.