12" Vinyl Templates?

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Frank Discussion

I'm working on an album cover and was wondering if there were any Scribus templates for 12" vinyl (covers, labels, stuff like that) floating around?


Welcome to the forum Frank Discussion.

I think you're going to be hard-pushed to find anything that's been created specifically for Scribus. It would be a fairly niche template in a format that isn't quite an industry standard.

Scribus can open Adobe Illustrator documents - I don't know how well it does that - so you could try looking around for an AI template.

You might also try getting a PDF from somewhere like here https://www.duplication.ca/printspecs/vinyl.htm and creating a Scribus document "around" the PDF but that might be a lot of fiddly work.

Having said that, hopefully someone can prove me wrong about it being difficult to find one and has something they will share.