Need help converting INDESIGN book layout to SCRIBUS (1.4.6)

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For anyone interested, I've set up a job on a freelance website, so you'd get paid at least 10 USD for helping out with the file conversion/file save.

I would really appreciate help converting my InDesign book layout to SCRIBUS 1.4.6 (and make sure master pages are fully functional).

I've tried exporting the InDesign file as PS (post-script) but when I try to open this file in Scribus, I get a 'fatal error' message. Same thing happened with .idd (InDesign) format.

I don't have regular access to InDesign and therefore want to do layout work in Scribus instead.

The InDesign file contains a few master pages and sample text. The format of the book page layout is 5" x 8"

Any useful tips regarding Scribus would be much appreciated too (if there are things I should keep in mind).


can you just import a .pdf? (would have to redo text as needed)


As far as I know there is unfortunately no easy way to convert from Indesign och Scribus, it generelly involves a lot of manual labour.

Scribus 1.5 (development version) has limited support for IMDL and IMDS, but not IDD.


If you  promise to sell the book for 10 cents the copy, i can help you for 10 USD...

this is for free:

- the best you can do is to export the file from ID as IDML and import it then in scirbus 1.5.3.
- second best is to export it to pdf and then import it in scribus 1.5.3 and recreate there the styles
- third solution, which works also in the 1.4 stable version: load the master pages from the PDF as background images in Scribus and redraw everything on top of it.

good luck!


Any chance of a link to download a packaged indesign folder with all fonts and images?  I would like to look at how much work would be involved before committing any help.