EPS Importing File Failed

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I'm sorry if this has been brought up before - I tried to search the forum with no luck.

I have read through the Wiki and help information, and have Ghostscript installed. But I am still getting the error - 'Importing File:
/Users/belindamcartney/Desktop/CEBC/Image Library/Stock photos/Vectors/Abstract Green Background.eps

This happens if I try to import, and if I insert an image frame, it comes up entirely blank if I try and select an EPS.

Any help appreciated :(

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Hello happywhale, if the eps file is completely vector art, try the following:

File->Import->Get Vector  and choose the eps file.




Hi there! Thanks for you reply... I've been trying that, and unfortunately, it isn't working :(



You can always try opening the eps in GIMP, Krita, gsview or another app and save to a raster/bitmap format and place it within Scribus unless you require vector artwork to maintain a smaller file size.  As a.l.e. posted, please share it if you could.



Inkscape should be able to convert your EPS. Just import the EPS and save as SVG then import the SVG into Scribus.

This will also serve to "clean" the file of any weird things that might be stopping Scribus from importing it.

The SVG might still contain features that Scribus can't handle but you'll probably get something.