Moving two page photo spreads withing a book

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I am creating a photobook of my original photography for CreateSpace. I am using a two page layout Double Sided in my Document setup to create the book. Many of my photos are on a two page spread spanning both the left and right page of a two page spread. There are several instances where I would like to move one of those two page spreads to another place in the book. The Page>Move dialogue is pretty clunky and won't seem to let me select more than one page at a time to move. Ideas?


The "Page -> Move" function should let you move more than one page at a time, it has both "From" and "To" fields that you can change. If this doesn't work then a bug may need to be reported.

Have you tried the "Windows - > Arrange Pages" option? You can drag and drop pages around the layout. You can only move one page at a time and you can't see a page preview thumbnail but it might be quicker than doing it via the "Page -> Move" dialog.

If none of that is any good then I would personally just set the zoom size to small and drag the page contents around where I could see what's happening. This will be awkward if you're using layers though.


OK, great - thanks GarryP. I wasn't understanding the Page>Move function. It seems to work properly as you described.