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I am trying to print addresses on A4 sized paper with 24 adhesive labels from Technovo, each label measuring 64 x 34 mm.

I found Word 2016 messing it up, so I switched to scribus which is known to be a professional printing software.

I have set the top margin to 12.4 mm and laid out text boxes as required. I will be printing my labels using an HP Laserjet M1136.

When I do a test print on plain paper, I find that the top margin is being ignored by Scribus. The label therefore starts printing at the edge, ignoring   text offsets.

Can anyone help ? ?


Welcome to the forum gm_navy.

How are you printing from Scribus? The recommended method is to export a PDF and then print the PDF from a PDF reader. Printing directly from Scribus is generally not recommended as many people have had problems with it.

When you create the PDF, have a look at it before you print it. If it looks like there is the correct gap on the PDF - if the PDF looks like it should - then the problem most probably won't be with Scribus and will probably be with how the PDF is being printed.

If the PDF looks fine and you're still getting the problem then if you could supply an example PDF - with some fake addresses - then more help should be available.