Gap between text and frame in Scribus 1.5.3

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Is there any gap/space functionality between text and frame ( text flow around the frame) in scribus 1.5.3 ? If so please help.


you can edit the bounding box and get it to increase by a percent or a given amount of mm

- select the shape to be flown around
- window > properties
- section: shape
- "edit" button
- check "edit contour line"
- use the button to enlarge the shape (it' a diagonal arrow up)


Just to add to what a.l.e said, this functionality is available in 1.4.6 (and earlier), not just 1.5.3.

The instructions given are to change the area inside the Contour Line (hence the "check Edit Contour Line"), not the Bounding Box (as said earlier), just in case anyone is confused.

Once you have increased the area inside the contour line you will also need to select the "Use Contour Line" option from the list of options under "Text Flow Around Frame" (within the Shape tab of the Properties Palette).

Also, the "window -> properties" action shouldn't be necessary as the Properties Palette should be left open at all times. (If you close the PP then Scribus becomes pretty much unusable so just keep it open all the time.)


Thank you very much you both a.l.e and GarryP for reply my post.

I'm using 1.5.3 version and instruction from GarryP is working fine, Thanks!
Please tell me - Is there any increasing option by a percent or a given amount of mm?


In 1.4.6, in the Node Editor - which you get after you press the Edit button -  you can hover your mouse over the buttons that look like rectangles with little red arrows inside them to tell you what each button does. Change the value in the text field to the right - pressing Enter to make sure that value will be used - and press the button to enlarge/reduce. I don't know what happens in 1.5.3. Maybe someone else can tell you if it's different.


Quote from: GarryP on November 06, 2017, 01:38:41 PM...I don't know what happens in 1.5.3. Maybe someone else can tell you if it's different.

it's the same as in 1.4.x