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Hello, I have (in the last month or so) downloaded Scribus 1.4.6, and am slowly learning it. For years I've used Adobe PageMaker and often used tabs, resetting them to go however far I chose, and setting whatever symbol to go from tab to tab (ex.: "...<tab>"). I'm fairly certain (since Scribus is often used for creating books) that the ability to alter tabs exists in Scribus.

However, I've repeatedly used different words to try to find a tutorial for it in the search engine, but without success.

So can any of you offer me help? (T.I.A.)
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The thing that you need is the Tabulator. You can find it in "Properties Palette / Text / Columns & Text Distances" and it's also available via Styles. You can set tab distances and the fill character using this.
I don't use this much myself as I've never found a way to get it to work every time - often it seems to just ignore what I've told it to do - but maybe I'm not using it right so it's worth experimenting with.
I don't think there's a tutorial for the tabulator but someone else might be able to point you to one.