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Should I be using Double Sided for my Document Setup? Not sure how I could do it with Single Page since the Gutter Margins alternate...
also - how do I center - vertically and horizontally - a word or character in a Text Frame (I know how to use the center alignment for characters but can't figure out the vertical allignment).


- yes, for a book you mostly want a double sided layout
- vertically centering of text has been added (in a limited way) in 1.5.3.
  don't abuse it.
  and you can always move the text frame up and down.



Thank you a.l.e.

Another question: In Edit Text window, is there anyway to magnify/zoom? On a high rez screen, the text, menus and icons are tiny. I found the options to change the size of GUI text, menus and icons in the Preferences but don't see anything similar for the Edit Text window.