frame doesn't snap when resizing frame after rotated

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My problem is that frames (both text and image) stop snapping (to both guides and grid) when resizing, after they are rotated.

But they still snap when moving the frame and also when resizing from the corner, diagonally.

maybe this is a bug.  :o

everything works fine before resizing rotating.

I use Scribus 1.4.0.rc2.



Upgraded to rc6, but the problem stays the same.

can you, or anyone out there, reproduce this problem?

thank you for your quick reply.


here it snapps if i pull the corners... but not if i pull the handle in the middle of the side...



I have added this as a bug at there's also an attached sla (rotationbug.sla) attached to it, where you can see the problem 'live', so to speak. I'll also attach the sla here.(but there seem to be some kind of problem with the attachments on this forum, so go to the bug and download if this doesn't work)

[attachment deleted by admin]