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I successfully, I thought, downloaded scribus in my (new) WIN10 (until I got this one, I had only used WIN XP for years). Since I needed to learn Scribus, I found Youtube clips of tutorials. Something I did enlarged the texts of the program(i.e., File, Edit, etc.). I have tried a variety of things to fix it, but have not been able to. I have gone into the control panel and removed Scribus (a number of times), cold boot, then downloaded Scribus again. But the enlarged texts were still there.

I am hoping someone can tell me how to fix this problem. I am also hoping someone can direct me to a print out site for a tutorial. (TIA)

Did you check the preference page? See attached.  Also are any of your other applications menu size changed? If so it could be the operating system...

These tutorials are a few years old, but still work:  (scroll down until you find Scribus Edition)

Books ISBN that I have, check
ISBN-13: 978-0956078001
ISBN-13: 978-1849513005


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If you're using 1.4.6 (or earlier), the UI font size settings are in the "General" section of Preferences.

P.S. Removing Scribus via the Control Panel will not remove all of Scribus, some settings/configuration files still remain which are picked up and used by subsequent installations. In other words, if you don't also delete these files you're just re-installing Scribus with the old settings intact. To properly remove Scribus - for whatever reason - you need to also delete the folder C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Scribus where <yourname> is the name you're logged on with.

mnawij, I believe it _was_ the preferences that I had been on B4 all the fonts went catawampus. I was seeing what things did; I changed the font size from 9 or 10 (whatever the default was), to 12 or 13. But now that the menu font is so large, there is no way I can really find and change the issue.

Thanks so much for those print out tutorial links you sent (at least, that's what I assume they are; I'm not too sure, though). Any info is MUCH appreciated. I've used PageMaker for years, but when my printer went kaput, we had to get a more currant computer...which means a new page layout program.

Thanks for helping.

GaryP, I'm going to try deleting the whole thing and reinstalling!  :D  I'm praying this finally does it! I'll let U know soon!


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