Italian Scribus community?

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Hi all!
I'm looking for a Scribus forum in Italian.
Do you know such a community?

I managed the layout of a little local magazine with Scribus and I had some questions about how to do various things... But my english is not so good.. So an Italian Scribus community would be very useful for me. But I can't find it..
Thanks in advance!  :)


ciao scriber,

i don't think there is such a thing as an italian (speaking) community.

there are a few places where you can ask in italian questions about scribus, but i cannot really recommend any of them as a high quality forum...

the best thing, if you're not comfortable in english, is to first provide a summary of your question in english and then ask your question in your own language.
if somebody thinks that the summary is not good enough she will eventually provide a better translation...
you will get answers in english (which you can run through an online translator) and/or in you language.

per cui: domanda e riceverai risposte!
se possible, comincia con un riassunto della domanda in inglese e poi poni la domanda in italiano.
riceerai risposte in inglese (che potrai tradurre sulla piattaforma online che preferisci) e magari (probilmente) anche in italiano.


p.s.: tra l'altro: il tuo inglese non mi sembra poi così malvagio...


Ok grazie ale!
Il mio inglese fà abbastanza pena, tuttavia ho chiesto più che altro per comodità mia. Se mi dici che forum italiani su scribus non ve ne sono allora va bene questo in inglese e farò lo sforzo di scrivere e leggere in inglese. Dico "sforzo" perchè sai com'è: quando di un argomento non ne sai molto (tipo scribus e il suo "lessico" specifico) aggiungere la complicazione della lingua "non nativa" non è il massimo... Ad ogni modo grazie della risposta più che soddisfacente.

Thank you, if there aren't Scribus forums in italian I'll try to ask my questions here in my bad english. Hope It will be as clear as possible!
Thanks again Ale!   :D


from what i've read up to know, you're english seems to be very readable.

let's do it that way: ask in english, and if we don't understand you we will tell you and you can add the question in italian, too :-)



Do you think you can open a general discussion this forum for italian speakers? It will be great for Italian to have a place where find official answers! Maybe we are not so few ;) The scribes Italian version is very well made and I think more and more Italians will use it as now adobe indesign is in suite...


hi moresun

italian seems indeed one of the few "big" european languages that do not have a dedicated scribus forum.

there are a few "italian" places where you can ask question about scribus... but they are not really of high quality...

one platform that seems to be good is the scribs board in the italian inkscape forum:

but i agree, it would be nice to have a friendly place that it easily to find for italian speaking people...

i'm not sure if adding languages to this forum is a good idea though...
what do other people think?


Personally I don't like the idea of having sections of the forum that are just for people who speak specific languages (except for the pages about language support). That kind of thing tends to create little "walled gardens" that don't contribute to, or benefit, the rest of the forum.

I have no problem with forums that are predominately for a specific language - E.g. - but I think all of this forum should be for everyone no matter what language they type in.

I can only read English so I generally ignore most non-English posts. This is because I don't trust machine translators to be able to give me the information properly translated given the technical nature of what goes on here. In other words, if I can't trust the translation then it's difficult to know if I'm answering the right question so I just don't try.

If people want to post in a non-English language then I have no problem with that either, it's just a bit of conversation that passes me by and I don't worry about it.

Maybe one of the administrators of can help with setting up an Italian site. (A lot of the set-up can probably be copied across wholesale with only a few small tweaks here and there.)

P.S. scriber, I agree with a.l.e. Your English is good - actually better than some English-born people I've known over the years!