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So I am using Scribus (ver 1.4.6 on Windows) to prototype some cards for a game I have in development. Since a lot of the layout on the cards is similar, I thought to use elements on the Master page to put the stuff there so it's uniform size and positioning, etc. However, I cannot edit text on a text frame that was placed via the master page on the individual page.

Is what I am attempting even possible? And if it is, what am I doing wrong? :)

To make sure we are on the same page, here is what I am doing:
1. Add text frame to Master page.
2. go to normal page and attempt to edit text.
3. proceed with long string of verbalized expletives as it doesn't work.


no, master pages are a "background image" for your page.

you can use the scrapbook, but the changes you will do on one item will not reflect on the others.

in the development version of scribus there are patterns, which are scrapbook elements that are linked together... which could better fit your needs.