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I'm responsible for editing concert programs and posters for my choir.
For posters I use GIMP 2, and I would like to use Scribus for programs, instead of PowerPoint, a product I've used for years, but is not really well suited for that purpose.
I've installed Scribus yesterday on my computer and I'm really pleased to use it.
I have of course a lot of things to learn and I'll probably become a regular member of that forum to solve issues which are probably obvious for experienced users but not so easy for newcomers.

In a concert program, I usually present works the following way:
        Robert Schumann                    1810-1856
                choir and piano

I cannot succeed to present the composer's name and dates with that format using Scribus paragraph and character styles, i.e.:
- how to have various font sizes and styles in the same paragraph
- how to set a right-tab at the end of a line

Thanks for your help!


I eventually found the right paragraph in the doc.
Sorry for inconvenience.