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I'd like to thank all Scribus Devs and people here for support.
Here is newspaper I create completely in FOSS software with free libs and pictures. Links to last 3 editions:
Hope you like it. Any comments appreciated.
Please note, that this is time-is-money quick project and 1 edition is created in maximum 2 working days only by me (yeah, there is also Editor in Chief) so layout should simple and efficient.
Main fonts are Noto Serif, Roboto Slab, Noto Sans and Khand for titles. I have to say, that Noto Serif works really good for me, as it has so good kerning that just "flows" if you know what I mean.

* a.l.e thinks you did a good job!

This is really good stuff. I've only looked at the one from the first link but it looks great.
My only concern would be the map on page 7. It's not very visible at some zoom levels and it's almost invisible when viewing it in Firefox.
Apart from that, very nice, especially with the short production time.

Thank you guys!
@GarryP: thank you mate for spotting this. Map is from external pdf and it seems something is wrong here or with transparency or something else: it displays ok in Scribus (see attachment) but not in exported pdf, neither rgb nor cmyk.

It is beautiful.  From where do you get all your images?


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