profiles: do I need to convert pictures?

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I'm realizing a work with Scribus that contains images generated with The Gimp.
The printer asks for CMJN with profile FOGRA39 (300% max).
I've set that in Scribus, but my question is:

Do I need to convert all my images to CMJN with this profile before including them in my scribus document, or Scribus will do the conversion for me while generating the PDF?

If I need to convert my Gimp picture, how can I do that (with Linux)?

Thak you very much!


Elsewhere it on this forum it has that scribus normally convert them automatically. May i suggest you follow that thread.



Thank you. I don't know which thread you refer to, but it seems that:

  • if you activate color management in preferences,
  • choose ISO coated v2 for the printer and sRGB for incoming pictures,
  • then if you export in pdf for a printer,
then Scribus will convert everything properly.

If the images are CMYK, you can choose the (incoming) profile for each image.


The only thing you must do to get a CMYK PDF is to export for printer (thas is not printer as in the device, but printer as in the profession).

But to get a good conversion you should turn on color management and set the correct profiles.

If I recall correct (I don't have Scribus at this computer) you can set a default profile to use for images that do not have an embedded profile. The preferred way is of course to embed the profiles in the images, but if you adjust the images in Gimp I guess they are all more or less sRGB so using that as a default profile will probably be sufficient.


Thank you! I will do that. I hope everything will be ok ... I'm a bit scared not to get the right colors ...


Gimp dose not have the ability to output in CMYK, but I have read somewhere that there is a plug in for it but never able to get it.

May be some one on this forum may know, and used it.