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Hey a.l.e!

Quote from: a.l.e on October 02, 2017, 08:00:07 AM

thanks for the details!
now i see what the problem is!

and there seems indeed to be an issue there...

First off, thanks for the research on this. That's actually pretty cool, and it's nice to know it's been bug reported.

Here's some further thoughts on the matter.

I've been out of industry for about 15 years or so at this point. I do desktop publishing now mostly for my own little projects here and there, and occasionally for friends or a few others. The print industry, at least in the U.S., is crap. There's a few major companies, and everyone else is just mom-n-pop shops which don't pay crap, minimal to no benefits, etc. Besides, so much of advertising and publishing these days is online that nobody really cares about ink-on-paper. I know those of my era who really wanted to keep up on things went to web design or other specialized things a long time ago. I got burned out and just did other things with my life instead. Anyhow...

I really don't know whether people who do that work at this point even know what picas are any longer. Frankly, the state of education and other so-called "professional development" in this country is such garbage that I'll bet people go into the print world and don't even know what picas are. This kind of deficient education is most certainly true in a number of other industries I have had a chance to either observe or participate in, which is why I feel like this.

Given that the only measurement standard that's borked in Scribus is picas, maybe it should just be dropped, assuming nobody can be bothered (for whatever reason) to muster the resources to fix it. I'm a little surprised, I won't lie, that Scribus has the cicero measurement system built in. I've never ever met anyone, even in my time, who had used it or even heard of it. I just now, in preparing to write this response, had to go look it up on Wikipedia just to learn what it was all about. What I saw makes me think that at this point in time, it's completely redundant. One can only wonder if there would be people crying in their ink-laden beer were it removed as well.