Embeddable TTF text can't be embedded by Scribus

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Hi! I'm trying to export a Scribus file to a PDF, embedding the fonts. All the fonts I'm using should be embeddable (according to a check by Adobe Indesign) but only one of the fonts can be moved to the "Fonts to embed" list. They are both TTF and have the same level of rescrictions according to Indesign.
What could be the reason one of the fonts won't be embedded and the other has no problems being embedded?

(The font that won't be embedded is "Amatic Regular" and the font that can be embedded is "Caviar Dreams". Both TTF and free for commercial and personal use.)


Have a look at this thread: http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,2523.0.html

It seems that Scribus can be a bit more picky than other applications about what can be embedded, even if the font itself says that it can be embedded. I don't think there's much the user can do except create a trial document that uses the required fonts to see if Scribus can embed them before using them for real.

There could still be a bug in Scribus that is stopping perfectly embeddable fonts from being embedded but that's something that would have to be taken up with a developer. If you can embed a font using InDesign but can't with Scribus then you could add a ticket to Mantis https://bugs.scribus.net and someone might look at it but any "fix" would not be made to 1.4.6 as that version is no longer supported by the developers.