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Master Document for long works?

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Great feature.

In Adobe InDesign is ths implemented since eternity. At least since CS2 is it implemented (2005).

InDesign saves its files in .indd, templates in .indt and books in .indb - it would be great to have new file formats for books as well. Something like .slab

Here is another request for this feature. Thanks.


I'm bumping this old post because I think it's a great idea!

However, I get along without it so far, with the PDF merge routine outlined by A.L.E,
and keeping all chapters in separate files with the page numbers set consecutively.

Hi jack_cat,

how do you merge the PDFs? My problem with merging is that only Scribus meets the professional standards for printing (with Scribus is possible to choose many variables while exporting a PDF and I'm not aware of any other libre software that capable).

Should I guess you have to create manually the table of contents, since you work with several documents?


Hi joesber,

--- Quote ---how do you merge the PDFs?
--- End quote ---

I didn't use it with Scribus genereated PDFs but I'm reorganizing PDF-files with the PDF-Tookit (pdftk).
It should also work with Scribus' extended featured PDFs, because pdftk does not manipulate the content of the PDF-pages but handles only the whole page – at least if you only use PDFs containing the same Scribus-generated settings.

As a linux user, I'm fine with the free commandline version, but for Windows there is also a GUI edition and a "Pro-Version" for some few coins.
For Linux systems:  This tool is part of the repositories.

To quickly test your needs without a study of the manual:

     pdftk  file1.pdf file2.pdf cat output filenew.pdf

My personal usage of the tool is
[*] prepareing multiple blocks of information fragments that are individually kept up to date, resulting in multiple PDFs. As necessary I combine the required information fragments just at the time of distribution to the current one-file-PDF version.
[*]I also eliminate / extract / exchange individual pages of larger PDF-documents. For example why keeping a large multi language manual when you only require your own language?
Hopefully it helped.


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