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PDFs won't display in Scribus

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I am new to Scribus and I really like it - it is working well for my application - creating a weekly church bulletin.  I am using both Dropbox and Google Drive to share a Scribus file with our church secretary so we can update the file as new data becomes available.  I have a Windows 7 system with Scribus 14.5.6 and everything works fine for me. 

However, the secretary cannot "Get Image" of PDFs from a folder of hymns that I have loaded in either Dropbox or Google Drive.
She has a laptop with Windows 10.  Importing PDFs into Scribus from either location work for me, but only a few of the PDFs import into the common Scribus file for the secretary.  She is using the same version of Scribus and we are both using Ghostscript 9.21.  Does anyone know why some of the PDFs pull into Scribus for her, but not others?

hard to say.

we hear what you tell us she told you she is doing...

from my experience in IT, i would first check if she is indeed doing what you think she is doing.
did you try to sit next to her, when she imports the file and see if she does something different than you?

if all looks ok, i would try to copy the files she cannot open to a usb key and try to open that file on your laptop.
or check if in her path there are special chars that are not in yours.

i would say that there is no reason why it would work differently on the same version of scribus and ghostscript and the windows version should not make a difference.
... up to the fact that there is no scribus version 14.5.6 all seems to be ok...

Sorry a.l.e., our version of Scribus is 1.4.6. and GhostScript 9.07 32-bit.

Yes, I was sitting next to her - laptop next to laptop.  What is weird is the PDF files that will not display in Scribus will open up on her laptop in Adobe Acrobat Reader just fine.  Other PDFs, from the same directory location, will open in both Scribus and Acrobat on her laptop.

Next, I will try to Get Image from a USB drive and see how that works.  Also, I read in another post that someone ran their PDFs through a program called GIMP and the display issue was resolved.  I will try that after the USB test.

Sorry, but why do you need to open a PDF with scribus? Why not share with her the full package of your scribus file (images,fonts,etc) and work on that file?when you finish the work you will export the pdf to print

Hi Radu,
We do share an SLA file in the cloud.  We are both working in the document and I can import and display PDFs, but she cannot.  Each of us need to be able to insert/import PDFs.  What is really weird is that some of them import but most do not.  I can import all of them.  Even weirder, she can open all of the PDFs in Acrobat, but many do not import into Scribus.


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