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miss the link to the forum.
Only well searching I found it at

yep, please write a bug report and ask for it :-)


or maybe malex will read this call...

(probably, that page has been created before the forum were called into life...)

I just noticed this thread. A link has been added. Please post to the mailing list, IRC, or email directly if you'd like something fixed. I don't read the forums too often.

I have been using Scribus since 1.40, I think, and I never knew there was a Scribus forum until I stumbled on it after following a link to a new Scribus newsletter.

I have always just used the mailing list.

They should mention there is a forum on the mailing list.

hi duane,

i guess that there should be a better list of all the communications channels on the scribus website...

there are several ways to to discuss about scribus:

- this forum
- the mailing list
- a german speaking forum
- a french speaking forum
- an irc channel
- a twitter account
- a google plus account
- a facebook group
- and for sure some more...

... and i'm not sure it would be practical to mention all of them in each mailing list mail...


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