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yep, please write a bug report and ask for it :-)


or maybe malex will read this call...

(probably, that page has been created before the forum were called into life...)


I just noticed this thread. A link has been added. Please post to the mailing list, IRC, or email directly if you'd like something fixed. I don't read the forums too often.
Scribus Forum Admin. Please PM with questions if you are having administrative problems with the forum.


I have been using Scribus since 1.40, I think, and I never knew there was a Scribus forum until I stumbled on it after following a link to a new Scribus newsletter.

I have always just used the mailing list.

They should mention there is a forum on the mailing list.


hi duane,

i guess that there should be a better list of all the communications channels on the scribus website...

there are several ways to to discuss about scribus:

- this forum
- the mailing list
- a german speaking forum
- a french speaking forum
- an irc channel
- a twitter account
- a google plus account
- a facebook group
- and for sure some more...

... and i'm not sure it would be practical to mention all of them in each mailing list mail...


It is impossible to reach the forum from the main page https://www.scribus.net/ there is no link to the forums. And also on forums should be a link to reach the main website
sorry for my bad english


I'm not sure if it's impossible to reach the forum from the main website but, after a bit of browsing, I cannot find a link. The forum is mentioned on the "Contribute" page but there's no link to it anywhere that I can find.

The main website has been a contentious issue for a while. See this post: http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,2282.0.html to follow the most recent conversation about it. Or, you can have a look here: http://scribus.martinreininger.de/index.html to see the - totally unofficial - results of that conversation (still a work in progress, but no progress has been made for a while).

If I was to sum-up the conversation, the gist of it would be: The current site is doing a poor job of promoting Scribus but nothing can change unless whoever administers the site decides to do something about it.

As for a link from the forum to the main site, I think you are correct in saying that there should be one. You should be able to easily navigate from the forum to the wiki and to the main site, back and forth in whatever order people find the sites.

There has also been discussion about the forum recently and you can follow that here: http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,2328.0.html

I have no idea whether anything will change in the near - or far - future. The person/people who administer these sites have not been part of these conversations and I have no idea if they even know that the conversations are happening. Also, if the admins don't want to do anything to improve the situation then nothing will get done.