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Hi there,

I am creating a small book for publication using Scribus.  Because the final product will be about 200 pages, I will create 7 different .sla documents in Scribus: one for each chapter.  The look of each chapter is the same, a colored bar at the header and footer; however, I would like each chapter to be a different color.  When I import a master page from Purple Header/Footer Chapter 1, I have trouble changing the header/footer colored bar to Blue for Blue Header/Footer Chapter 2.  My background is black, so I have a black shape over the background layer.  When I try to change ONLY the header/footer shapes, the background changes as well.  i.e. the trouble is -importing master page and editing master page in new file, specifically editing the layers exclusive of one another.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

Meho R.

I cannot reproduce the problem on Scribus 1.4.0.rc5.

1. I created a document "Doc1.sla", created a master page named "Main" on which I placed a colored rectangle on "Background" layer, and some text on "Text" layer above it.

2. Then I created a new document, "Doc2.sla" and imported the "Main" master page from "Doc1.sla". Selecting the "Background" layer and upper rectangle worked as expected, no problems encountered.

Another option would be to create a document with all elements set (master pages, headers/footers, text styles etc.), save it and use it as a template, so you don't have to import anything: just start every chapter from this template, change colors as you see fit, and that's it.

However, if you still have problems, please provide example files which show the issue clearly.

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Hi Meho,

Thanks for pointing out the template feature.  I think it's going to work.  As for the master page question: I tried again and had no trouble. 

Actually, I just re-downloaded Scribus after a harddrive crash and these days, it seems to be having trouble with some features...then after a few days the problems magically disappear.  Not sure why, but all seems okay now. Your success with the same exercise encouraged me enough to try again.  Thanks!