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How do you think, is there need for subforum for developers?


--- Quote from: cezaryece on March 10, 2011, 01:36:00 pm ---How do you think, is there need for subforum for developers?

--- End quote ---

Let's hold that and keep development discussion to scribus-dev mailing list, IRC, wiki, and BTS for now please. The forum does not appear to be the most appropriate place to discuss the development.

Maybe not for development plans and team internal talk, but...
I mean helping and solving problems with understood Scribus code and API.
Place where will be archive of FAQ about coding, scripting, using SVN, applying patches... Simply and common develop problems for newbies.

You should really write things like that in the wiki. It is a more permanent and easier to navigate environment. I think that forums are supposed to be more in flux to hash out things that are not clear.  However, in the end it should come down to improving documentation in the wiki, so that people wouldn't have to keep asking those questions in the forums.


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