How to download pre-formated scribus templates from this site?

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I'm new on the forum and also have just started working on scribus. I like already very much Scribus and hopefully will get more skilled in the future. For now, I'm in a kind of hurry. In fact, I came to Scribus somewhat accidentally, as I was looking for a free software which might not be too complicated and could be an alternative to a very expensive (for me) InDesign. So I may ask very stupid questions on this forum for a while. Thank you for your indulgence and, of course, thank you in advance for your precious aide.

So, I had to find a software of DTP quickly and master a minimum of its functions as quickly as that. Because, at my faculty's express request, I'm from now onwards the responsible manager for all tasks related to its publishings, notably its trimestrial newsletters. The next edition of that must be done perfectly in two weeks. I cannot ask tips and aide around me, because it's a sort of power abuse from a superior who knows very well that I'm not a designer or a trainted computer person, but I'm just a scholar and teacher.

I dont' want to be long. It's just to explain why I have no aide in this difficult trial with DTP software. So, may I be able to take here your advices, it'd be great.

My mission is to create a newsletter. On the version 1.4.0 rc 5 version Scribus I have downloaded, there are only two templates for the newsletters, and both of them are rudimentary. So I tried to find out other templates online, and this site seemed to be perfect.

Neverthless, it's impossible to download correctly any of these. I'm wondering why.

Do you have any clue for this question?

Please let me repete that any help would be welcome.




i'm not sure that using a template is the best way to create a newsletter...

please go through the scribus tutorial (if you have 1.4, which you should have), it's linked in the Help menu...

then take an existing newsletter and redo it with scribus...

ask specific questions if needed.

i plan to create a newsletter / magazine tutorial... but well, i need some more time...

presenting here the details about the newsletter you are trying to create, will help us helping your.