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Hello, I already posted a question in the forums and I received good advices from a.l.e. I thought is a good idea to introduce myself to the community. My name is Radu I am 36 years old, I live in Italy and like I said in the other topic I used Scribus a few years ago, at work I use the Adobe package (inDesign and illustrator to do some huge documentation).

I also mange a couple of car forums and I made an A3 calendar with car photos of our members. I used Indesign to do this job in the last years, but is always a PITA doing this job at work after working hours. Last night I built from scratch the calendar layout in Scribus and I'm glad with the result. I like the software and was not a difficult task, it's intuitive to work with.

I installed both Scribus versions on my Linux Mint 18, 1.4.6 and 1.5.4, I know the 1.5. version is still in development, imho is much stable this version rather than the stable version of Scribus I used years ago.

I read some topics on forum and I'm impressed on how detailed are the answers here, congrats to staff and to all members which are contributing on this forum! I ran forums for about 10 years and I understand it's not always easy to answer all questions and give good answers.

Congrats again and keep up the good work 8)
sorry for my bad english


Hi, welcome to the forum. I am also new here.