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this is my first message into this forum. I used Scribus 8-9 years ago under Win XP, and I have to say was not a good experience, the software used to crush like every 20-30 minutes. Since then I always used Adobe ID at work to make some annoying and very long documents that probably nobody will read. Now I am trying to do some work at home and since I am a linux user I would like to use Scribus.

I installed the latest version (Scribus Version 1.5.4.svn / 02 July 2017 / Build ID: C--T-F-C1.14.6-64bit) under Linux Mint 18 and I played for a few hours. I have to say I am impressed, I like the new table feature (even if it's still not fully functional), the possibility to open adobe idml files, and not the least the possibility to center vertically text in a box :)

But now let's get to the problem I have. I made a table and I use 3 different paragraph style for cells. Everything is fine, but if I save and close the document, when I open it some content is not visible in the cells. There should be no problem with the text since there are only 2 numbers in a cell and they all use the same paragraph style.
The strange part is if I copy or cut the table and then paste it, the table looks fine. I attach a couple of screenshots.

Is this a bug, or is something wrong with my table? I did not use the document imported from Indesign, I prefered to rebuild it from scratch with Scribus.

Thank you in advance

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sorry for my bad english


ciao radu,

welcome to the scribus forums!

can you also share the .sla with the table (you can copy the table in a new file, if you don't want to share the full file)?

personally, i tend to avoid using tables. both because (as you noted) they are stil not 100% mature and because they are not always the best way to do things.
in this specific case, i would have worked with tabulators. i agree that defining the 7 tabulators is a tedious work, but at the end i think it's probably the fastest way of doing it.



Hello Ale and thanks for answering.

I will post the file later. I will also try to do it with tabulators, I'm not so confortable working with tables in scribus because I cannot set the style for a whole row/colums, I need to click inside every cell and set the style and enter the text, I cannot move with keyboard from one cell to another, I cannot copy/paste cells, etc..  Probably once set the tabulators it will much easier to edit since I can do it by keyboard.


==== edit ====
I just did a test with tabulators and is much easier to handle than tables. It works great ;)
sorry for my bad english


That's strange, I copied the table into a new file and everything is ok now  :-[
Anyway I attach a file with the table, but is ok now. Thanks for your suggestion a.l.e. , I changed the table to tabulated text and it's much easier to edit and use.

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sorry for my bad english