Inverted colour Image

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Hi All, I'm a newbie to Scribus so you will have to bear with me incase this is a simple issue.

I have tried to pull an image created in Affinity Photo into Scribus both in Jpg and PDF however the colours are being inverted in preview and in the layout. The image works perfectly fine in other programs include InDesign which I got a friend to test for me. Any ideas what could be the cause?



hi hudcol,

welcome to the forums!

a few questions to you:

does it happen with every image (as an example with a jpeg downloaded from the web) or only with this specific image?

can you share the image or another image created by that software that shows the problem?

which version of scribus?



from hudkol comments on facebook we now know:

- the problem was related with the way color profiles were embedded in the jpg
- the problem does not happen with scribus 1.5.3

case closed, i guess...