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I am working on a orchestra method book for a school in Malaysia. I have many layers, including English text, Malay text, and layers for each different instrument. I export large PDF files to Malaysia, via dropbox, where the methods are printed locally. Even though I know that the enable print box has to be selected, I have neglected to do so enough times that I would benefit from a warning when I am exporting. I also know that turning on Print Mode would also reveal my negligence, but this is an ongoing project with lots of uploads and sometimes the delay switching in and out of Print Mode is an annoyance.

My suggestion is this: provide a simple notice when exporting the file such as "You have one or more visible layers that have print disabled." For people who regularly have notes or other information that they need to see, but not print, make a "don't show this warning again" option. For me that would be an extremely rare circumstance and should it occur I can check OK and proceed, otherwise I can click CANCEL and enable the appropriate print layer. Seems like that will take a few seconds rather than the minutes-to-hours it takes to discover the mistake and then replace every file in an already exported set of very large documents!

On the other hand, maybe this already exists and I don't know about it!


hi rempro

go to 'settings' → 'preflight verifier' and check the box 'check for visible/printable mismatch in layers' – then you should see your warning...