Kannada Font

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I have developed a Kannada font with SIL license. I would like this font be part of Scribus installation.

Please let me know how to share this font and request this font be part of free distribution.


I don't think Scribus installs any fonts.
I'm fairly sure it just uses whatever is on the user's system.
Otherwise there could be problems with overwriting fonts on the user's system.


It's not true.

Scribus installs English fonts during installation.


1) These fonts are not installed system wide
2) The installation is optional and only available on Windows
3) One of the role of those fonts is to provide the fonts for scribus templates
4) I'm not sure we want to provide any more fonts


In 1.5.x we have a resource manager which can download and install a variety of resources from WWW, including fonts. This is now the preferred way for providing additional resources. No need to bloat installers this way.


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