AGLFN in content layer in PDF for unicode

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Adobe AGLFN open type font glyph name standard helps to copy to the text from PDF exported in adobe indesign.

In Indesign, when a PDF is exported with PDF 1.5 or higher, Indesign has the ability to add content and visible layer. In the PDF, search engine can read the text and also users can copy the text from it.

This is very useful and necessary feature.

I am failing to achieve this in scribus. Please assist.

If feature is not available, please take this a feature request.


hi chandra

scribus mainly focuses on the creation of PDFs that are meant to be printed at a professional print shop.
(which also was the original goal of PDFs...)

from your description i could not really understand what AGLFN is.
after skimming through the specifications on github + the short description on wikipedia and i still don't 100% get how that list relates to copy pasting of text (matching non ascii chars across fonts?)

this having being said, your requests seems legit. can you please fill a ticket on ?

i fear that it won't be an high priority feature, but somebody might pick it up (since it might not be that hard to implement)


thanks chandra for submitting the ticket!

let's see what the answer will be...