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Grade my layout? New for card game

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So I'm making a new card game, and I've got this image of a prototype. I'm very pleased with the picture that the artist created. There are some things that I'd like to change about the card layout, but I want some second opinions. I think that the sword logos need changing into something else. The Kanji on the right is "kokoro", the Japanese word for heart. I wanted to use that instead of an actual picture of hearts like you might see in Zelda or other games. The kanji on the left is "kaze", or wind. Characters have elemental types in this game and get bonuses/penalties for attacking characters of different types.

I'd like for the gray/white text boxes to have faded edges. Like so they feather out to nothing. Right now I jsut have a slightly larger text box below the box with the actual text, and it has a white color at 50% transparency. How would you go about making it fade into nothing?

Thanks. Here's the link to the image:

one first important warning:

make sure that your print shop can print the transparencies!

and a bit of feedback, too:

... and you probably need some more padding around the text...
... and maybe increase the contrast for the main text (but it depends a bit on how it renders when printed)
... and the text is imo a bit small for a serif font... (but this feeling might be related to the low contrast on screen)

have fun!

Thanks for the response. I am going to turn the cards into pictures, which flattens the transparencies, before I send them off. I'll look into a new font.

hi discosoap

you should readjust the line spacing.
the leading is usually somewhere between 110 and 140% of the font size – yours is around 200%, which breaks the text into independent peaces…


Yes, that's bugging me. I actually don't know how to do that.


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