Scribus-1.5.3 Segfault on Slackware-14.2

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Hi all,
I'd like to try scribus 1.5, but my seems to be just a 1.4.6 package for linux distribution: Slackware 14.2 64 bit.
I finally found a "Slackbuild" script to create a package of 1.5.3 scribus version, so I prepared the building directory and then launched the compile. All seemed working for the best: no errors returned and a new package installed.

But... when I launch "scribus" from the shell it return "segmentation fault". Why?
How could I know what's the problem?

Is there some slackware user that work with a working 1.5.x Scribus version?

Thanks a lot in advance!


with so little details on what's installed in your computer and what exactly is the error (if you run scribus inside of a debugger (gdb) you might get more details).

what you can try is to get the current trunk sources (from the team's svn or from github community mirror), compile that code and see if it works.
this might or not be different than what slackbuild is doing.


You can find  more details at:
Thanks to Ponce who is helping to test the software:

Moreover he tried the SVN version as you suggested, but reported the same issue with "segfault error".

Some other info at:


yep, i think that the best thing is now to see what the team thinks of the ticket.

as u told to ponce on irc, i fear that the problem is in slackware though.



Ponce told me you are interesting to our magazine.
It's a 20/30 pages local journal that is published 3 or 4 times a year, in which  we report local events, main facts, old stories and photos related to the local little village, various ideas to contribute to the village and so on.

The magazine was produced by a friend of mine using ms publisher, then she asked if I could help the project and replace her in that task .
But I'm using Linux so I usually prepare images and text from the rest of the "staff" and then I use Scribus for the final layout and to export to PDF for the printing works.
Nothing special!  :)

I'd like to try the unstable version to see if there are some new features suitable for my needs. I was just curious.
I tried a little the AppImage version of Scribus 1.5.3 and I think it is very similar to my usual 1.4.6 version. Anyway I want to try it a little more...


ciao scriber

ponce and jean seem to agree that the bug is to be searched in slackware and / or the compiler...
the issue is not solved... but maybe a bit closer?

concerning the magazine: it's always interesting to know what scribus is used for.
it's interesting for us who "make" scribus but also for the people who are evaluating if scribus can match their needs

we have a wiki page where the users can present the work they have been doing:

of course, your journal might not seem worth to be mentioned to you. but believe me: there are many people who are looking for the right tool for a local journal!

btw, i wonder if we should not have a showroom in this forum... i think it would be much more visible than the wiki page (which we could keep as a long term archive).


Quotebtw, i wonder if we should not have a showroom in this forum... i think it would be much more visible than the wiki page (which we could keep as a long term archive).

What would be the difference between that and the existing Showcase forum?

Personally I think any persistent showcase/showroom should be part of the main site rather than in a forum or a wiki. Users coming to the main site should be able to see a range of the best examples before they even think about downloading Scribus or using it. Get the good stuff in people's faces right at the start so they can see what's possible instead of expecting them to root around in sub-sites.

For instance, something like the Portfolio Booklet 2017 by DigiDio (from the Success Stories) should be prominent showing what sort of thing can be achieved. A quick look at the differences between, for example, and shows what can (the former) and probably should not (the latter) be done.

The Scribus team isn't doing the project any favours by hiding stuff in wikis and forums. The project should be shouting to the world and getting more users (unless that's no longer a goal of the project). Scribus has so much to offer people, so why does it look like it doesn't care?

Maybe it's time to bring this discussion,2282.0.html back to life? Just a thought.


yes sorry, that's it!

personally, i never look in the different sections and we (except garry's wonderful prototypes) there are not much submissions in there...

i think we should push it much more!



Thank you for your reply!
I solved thanks to ponce and jean suggest.

Well, our magazine is a very simple project.. I'm not a graphic expert, just the one who make the work done as he can. Anyway I'm interested in a good editorial design book or video lesson to improve my knowledge and skills at compose a better layout choosing the "right" font and where and to put the images...
But, this isn't the right topic to speak it about. I'll open a new one!

Thanks again!   :)


on the one side you're welcome to share your work in this forum and ask for hints how you can improve it!

you can see here,2260.0.html

that you can get lot of precious help, if you ask for it : - )

on the other side, there are many people who are no graphics experts and are doing a similar work as you are doing.
when they stumble upon scribus and want to see if the software fits their needs, they might be very happy to see that you are doing exactly the same thing! : - )

i know, it's hard to share your work, when you have the feeling that it's not perfect yet... but maybe we can help you improve and share the results!