user's mailing list down?

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Hi everybody, I am subscribed to the scribus-users mailing list and I've not seen any traffic since 19.6. (confirmed by the archive and a new post I sent never arrived. Is this something known to the maintainers? I suppose not, otherwise I would be notified by the administrator? Cheers! vaclav


euh... no...

personally, i was not worried... sometimes there are low traffic times.

i'll ping the administrators...

ciao && thanks for reporting!


my email did not come through (yet) either...

the scribus team has been notified.



status update: the guy who is in charge of the mailing list is not around right now.

... you will probably have to wait a few days... sorry.

for now, you can ask in here : - )


the mailing list is working again!

the mails that have been sent during the breakage are in the archive but -- as far as i can tell -- won't be sent to the subscribers.
sorry for the inconvenience...