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m s narayanan

dear forum members

i am almost successful in creating an 8-page news letters.
the materials for publications include, images and texts both
in english and tamil (a regional language).

i use libreoffice and save texts as odt files.

there is absolutly no problem in getting the images and texts
to the image/text frame respectively.  but there is a problem
in getting the odt file which is in tamil language, to the text
frame.  though it copies the english texts, small squares
appear in place of tamil fonts.  i tried converting odt file
to pdf and then tried to get it into text/image frame with
our any positive results.  the tamil fonts are unicode.

i tried taking a photo on my mobile and inserting as an
image and it works.  but it is not upto my satisfaction.the
image is blurd and it is very difficult to read.

at this point, i am stuck.

may i request you please guide me as to how the odt file
in tamil language to be brought to the text frame.

thanking you,

m s narayanan


it should work but:

- you will have to use scribus 1.5.3
- you will need a font that supports the tamil language (like created by pria last year!)

good luck!

m s narayanan

Dear a l e
I have loaded both scribd 1.5.3 and the tamil fonts from the http you suggested.
But the tamil ist file is not copied
As earlier, small squares are appearing.
Should i copy the tamil fonts into scribd software ; if so how to copy.
Your help please.
M S Narayanan


if you're on linux you should put the font in ~/.fonts (that is the .fonts directory in your home directory; if it does not exist, create the .fonts directory).

on windows and mac, open scribus, make sure that there is no document open and go to the file > preferences, the fonts tab and add the path where your font is to the paths used by scribus.
restart scribus.


m s narayanan

dear a l e
thanks for your reply.  i followed your guidance.
but the odt file earlier created could not be brought to text frame.  as usual small
squares appear.
instead of copying odt file, i tried edit through story writer and selected the
fonts.  here i can type in tamil  but whichever button i press tamil font 'இ'  appears.
i continued to type the same letter across a line, and when i press 'yes' the line
shows small squares instead of 'இஇஇ இ இ  இஇ'.

i fail to understand where i went wrong.  as a temporary solution, i would be happy
if i can type tamil words in story writer and then get it to the text frame.

should i change the style of paragraph and character in the preference.  if so,
kindly advise me as how to change them.

sorry for giving you trouble.

m s narayanan