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1) How come I am getting weird colors if I try to view things in CMYK mode or even importing CMYK TIFF?

2) Why does .KRA import does not support CMYK yet?

3) How do I get image frame into the center of the page?

4) Is there a good snapping tool I don't know about other than grid?

5) How do I clip/mask into a shape?

Right now, I am using Krita, Inkscape, and Scribus to achieve CMYK output, but I am looking forward to learning Scribus and supporting it.

I am using Inkscape to generate the layout, Krita for 8-bit CMYK support and further work on layout, and Scribus for importing the Krita TIFF file.


Welcome to the forum Reptorian.

I'll try and answer some of your questions:

1. As far as I know there's no such thing as "CMYK mode" so I'm not sure what you mean. If you're going to be using colours "properly" then you need to look at Colour Management and getting your monitor calibrated against whatever printer you'll be using. That's a big area so you might be better off starting a new topic for it by itself. (It's outside my skill-set but there are other forum members who will be able to help.)

2. I have no idea. The developers probably just haven't got round to it yet, or it might be coming soon. I'll leave that one for someone more in the know to answer.

3. You can align any object, including image frames, to the page centre by using the "Align & Distribute" palette. Set the "Relative To" option to "Page".

4. You can also snap to Guides but, unfortunately, you cannot snap to object geometry.

5. You can convert any shape into an image frame (menu "Item -> Convert To -> Image Frame") and then use the frame to clip the image. (This does not work with SVGs.)

If you're going to be using Scribus then I think you might want to move your thinking towards creating the individual page items in Inkscape and Krita and using the layout tools in Scribus rather than creating the layout in the other applications. If you just use Scribus to gather layouts together for PDF creation then you could be missing out on some of the good stuff.

I hope I managed to answer some of your questions.


p.s.: 4. in 1.5.3 you can snap to items, too : - )


Nice. Should be very useful if implemented well.


it's rather well implemented...

but i almost never use it.

i just don't think about it in my workflow.

most of the times, align and distribute is faster to use.

and if there is lot to align i mostly have guides anyway.

it would be much more helpful to have during node editing, though (like in inkscape).
i think that having magnetic nodes would be a big improvement.


I use snapping in another application and - because I can snap to various parts of the objects, e.g. object centres, internal vectors, visual extent of text rather than frame boundary, etc. - I've found myself using that more than alignment functions. Each to their own though, better to have both ways.

I agree, snapping in the Node Editor would be very useful.