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I would like to save my scribus files on a ntfs partition - however, scribus doesn't show me the appropriate path when saving :-[
is there a way to solve this problem?

no, basically there should be no reason why it should not work...

but: on what plaftform? what do you expect to see? what do you see? where is the ntfs partition?


thanks for the quick reply
the two screenshots may help to identify the problem - I hope
in the <save as> dialog  /dev/sda1/  (the ntfs partition) does not appear in the selection list
there are no passwords set for the ntfs partititon

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hi lapin,

well, from your first screenshot i would say that the ntfs partition is not mounted...

that's why you can't see it :-)

you should find out how to mount ntfs partitions with the linux distribution and destkop environment you're using...

once you will have correctly setup the system, you will probably find the partition under /mnt or under /media

if you need further help, the best thing is if you can find somebody who can help you with the issue in your neighborhood... otherwise ask in here or on irc...


The question to ask yourself in a situation like this is:Can you access files on the ntfs partition from other programs? If not, the fault most likely is not in Scribus.


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