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by doubleclick on the an image I can move, whith SHIFT rotate it...

The icon of the center image is in the middle, but the center of rotation is somewhere in the left corner.
Is it possible to move the center of image?

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Unfortunately, no. For images the rotation origin is always - currently, as for 1.4.6 - at the top left. This is something that has been asked for in the past:,2233.0.html


Odd. I find my images rotate around the center in my copies of 1.4.6 and in 1.5.1. I cannot see any place to change that - but I'm happy with the rotation about the center.


Apologies, my memory isn't very good. The linked post is for something a bit different than this.

On WIndows, I've just changed the basepoint for an image frame to the centre point and the frame rotates about its centre, so that looks right. However, I can't use the SHIFT key to do anything with the image within the frame, no rotation, no effect at all and I think I've tried every combination of keys/drags/scrolls/clicks.

Adriana, can you explain exactly what you are doing, on what OS, and what you expect it to do please?


...maybe there is some misunderstanding about my question

you can rotate the imageframe (R, Toolbar-Rotate-Icon oder numerically in the properties palette)
there you can change the origin of rotation - at least for the numerical entry of degrees this does work, so you can rotate around one of the corners or the center...

my question was about rotating the image (that is loaded into the image frame)
on kubuntu, scribus 1.5.2 I can double click the image and move it within the frame
or - when pressing shift and move the mouse rotate it

there is a blue icon for the origin- I thought, maybe you can somehow move this to change the origin of rotation for the image (not image frame)

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hoi adriana

i really don't know (anymore) what this circle was meant to do... but i would also expect to be used as the center of the rotation and to be draggable.

after having found this old ticket of mine

0008977: respect frame's basepoint when rotating a picture in the frame

i would guess that the feature has never been implemented.

btw, this even older ticket:

0008979: use mouse delta for inline image rotation

seems to cover the other issue you have been having with the rotation...



yes, it covers it- there is another request that comes close to this subject.
In general I'm often asked about moving, resizing, rotating the image within the frame (by mouse- numericaly it's possible via image properties palette)