Text input field is inoperative - Scribus 1.4.6 - Adobe Reader DC

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Hello Miss, Sir,

I have recently used Scribus in version 1.4.6 and am satisfied with its ease of handling.

However, I have a problem exporting to PDF.

The check boxes work correctly but the text entry boxes are inoperative.

Context of use:
- Windows 10
- Scribus 1.4.6
- Ghostscript 9.19
- Adobe Reader DC

I tested a sample file that I found on the blog : http://blog.philippe-poisse.eu/index.php?post/2013/06/26/Un-formulaire-PDF-avec-Scribus
Files :
1- PDF File http://blog.philippe-poisse.eu/public/tutoriels/scribus/formulaire.pdf
2- SLA File http://blog.philippe-poisse.eu/public/tutoriels/scribus/formulaire.sla

The input fields are functional. When I use the SLA file and export to PDF, the input fields become inoperative.

I created a new personal SLA document. The observation is the same, after export in PDF format, the input fields are inoperative.
1- SLA File Personal.sla
2- PDF File Personal.pdf

Thank you in advance for your help.

Good day to you.


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hi gérald

when i export your 'personal.sla' to .pdf (with scribus 1.4.6 on macOS) i can write into the text fields. (but i can't in the file you exported.) – don't know, what went wrong with your export...



Just to add my two-penneth...

With Scribus 1.4.6 (03 January 2016 Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows-64bit Using Ghostscript version 9.18) on Windows 10:

I could not insert text into the text fields when I used the uploaded PDF in Acrobat DC but I could add text into the text fields when I opened the same PDF in Chrome (text in upper field is very large).
I exported the uploaded SLA to my own PDF (as PDF 1.4) and got the same results: can't add text in Acrobat DC; can add text in Chrome (similar large text in upper field).

I then exported the same SLA as PDF 1.3 and I can now add text into the text boxes in both Acrobat DC and Chrome (text in upper field is now a decent size).

NOTE: I can check/uncheck the boxes in both Acrobat DC and Chrome in all the PDFs however, in Chrome, the checked boxes don't contain a tick or check-mark, they just have thicker borders. Don't know if this is relevant.

I think the workaround might be to try a different PDF version (1.3 seems to work for me).


Thank you for your help.

After analysis, the only thing that differs with the GarryP configuration is the version of Scribus installed.

With the x86 version, the input fields are inoperative.

With the x64 version, the input fields are functional.

Solution : Install "scribus-1.4.6-windows-x64.exe" and export to 1.3 PDF Version

Many thanks for your responsiveness.


You're welcome, but changing to the 64bit version might not be the real fix to the problem.

I have a feeling that installing the 64bit version might default the PDF to 1.3, which could make it look like the problem has been fixed but it really hasn't. All that could have happened is that the PDF version has been changed from 1.4 to 1.3, which works, but isn't a real fix.

I have the 64bit version and I got the same problem as you when I exported to PDF 1.4.
I didn't have the same problem when I exported to PDF 1.3.

If you can get on with what you need to do then that's fine, I'm just saying that there could be a more basic underlying issue that may need to be addressed, but I'm not the right person to address it.

Maybe someone who really knows about PDF fields can look into this more extensively.