Problems in page numbers

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Hey everybody! My problem is in page numbers in PDF files. I tried to publish with Scribus 1.5.2 (and 1.5.3) latest version. All page numbers are correct in my document. Numbers are made correct in the master pages. BUT when I save my document in pdf file and viwed it with Foxit reader (my favorit pdf viewer), the page numbers are gone! For instance in page 22 there is nly number 2, then in page 23 again 2, in page 24 and 25 nothing at all, page 26 is correct 26 and page 27 is only number 7 and so on! Is there known bug or so?
Thanks for answering and helping (must I change back to ver 1.4.6?)


ciao heikki

there were issues with the page numbers in earlier 1.5.x version. the current 1.5.3 should be ok.

can you please share a demo .sla and .pdf tha show the issue?