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I am using Scribus 1.4.0rc3 on Debian Linux. When I export to PDF/X-3 the resulting PDF document is a little too blue. The monitor view in Scribus with sRGB profile shows correct colors. In fact, the colors look the same in different applications (scribus, gwenview, rawtherapee)

I export to PDF/X-3 with profile "ISO Coated v2 300%". In the PDF the blue color is a little too enhanced (see attachment as example). I can see it in the PDF viewer and when printing the photobook via I see the same blue shift in the print.

How can I correct this slight blue shift? I tried almost all available PDF/X-3 export profiles but it makes absolutly no difference. The PDF always looks exactly(!) the same.

Thank you for your help,

That is kind of the point with PDF/X-3: It does NOT convert colors, it just includes the profiles and leaves the color management to the printer.

So, i'd say that it is your computer (or more likely monitor) that lacks correct color calibration.

and why does the PDF on the montior show the same colors as the printed PDF? If the monitor colors would be off, I would see a difference to the printed PDF. Right?

But in my case: monitor PDF = printed PDF

That tells me, that the color calibration of the monitor is not the problem.

And in any case I would expect  that the PDF viewed on the same monitor looks the same as the Scribus original document. But that is not the case. Why do I see a color shift going from SLA to PDF?


And I want to add one more:

If I turn off color management and export as PDF 1.3 or 1.5, the resulting PDF shows the correct colors.
See screenshot.

Why is that?


Color management is a very complex thing, if you don't understand what is happening then you don't understand color management.

And if you don't understand color management, don't use PDF/X-3, because it genereally assumes that you have set color profiles for your images and have a correct output profile.

I don't use PDF/X-3 because I know enough about color management to understand that I know to little about color management...


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