Monitor calibration system-wide and / or (?) in Scribus

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Hello everybody,

I have calibrated my laptop monitor with a Pantone Huey and DisplayCal (unfortunately only 60 % of sRGB :-(  but I am only a hobby Designer ;-)  ). My question is now, how I have to setup the monitor profile. I can do it system-wide with Displaycal or only in Scribus or both system-wide and in Scribus.
What is the right Setup?

Thanks for your help,


hi max

i'm not a color management expert... but you should be able to add you color profile to the place where all color profile reside and then pick it in scribus in the preferences > color management.

you can also add new paths in the preferences > paths... if you don't know where scribus is looking for scribus on your system.

i guess that it should also be possible to set it system wide, too... if it's recognized by LCMS2 (little cms, the color management system used by scribus).


Dear a.l.e.,

Thank you very much for your answer. I enable the system-wide monitor profile with dispwin, which is part of displayCal, so I don't think that LittleCMS is aware of it? I find the colors in Scribus also to altered when the monitor profile is enabled system-wide AND in scribus. On the other hand I don't understand why the colors are different if I view a exported PDF (with Monitor/Internet setting) with a pdf viewer and the monitor profile enabled by dispwin...

Does anyone have a similar setup and can explain me this? Does anybody use DisplayCal with scribus?

Thanks for any help,