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m s narayanan

dear all
I intend creating a news letter.
Can i create multiple image and text frame in a page.
Say two or three images and text boxes against each image - in ar size copier.

M S Narayanan i


My first question is: Have you tried? Sometimes it's easier to try than to ask and wait for an answer. If in doubt, try first.

Theoretically you can add as many text frames or images frames (or anything else) to a page as you want, there is no limit. (Or, more technically, you are only limited by the memory on your machine.)

Practically, you should keep the number of frames down to as many as you actually need. Don't be afraid to add more if you need them but try not to have more than is necessary. In other words, don't keep lots of empty frames hanging around if they're not doing anything, while at the same time don't try and crunch everything into the smallest number of frames possible. Just use whatever you need when you need it.

Before you start, I would recommend reading some of the articles here:

The articles are not comprehensive - and some are probably not useful to you at all - but they will quickly give you an idea about what terms to search for so you can find more detailed information.

One good way to learn is to find something you like and try to replicate it yourself. You probably won't be able to reproduce it exactly - you might not have the same fonts, images, etc. - but you will get a good idea of what sort of processes are involved. Try an image search for "newsletter templates" and pick something simple to start off with. Then try something a bit more complicated. And so on.

My last recommendation at the moment would be: Do not use templates. Templates in general don't teach you how to make things and templates in Scribus are just a different way to use documents, they have no other functionality.