Behavior of page up / down

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Page up / Down is a great way to compare Pages/Spread

It would be supercool when there would be an option
to always jump between the exact same sector currently zoomed in on,
across the different spreads (pages)

Or to say it with a more visual example.
Like if you would focus at specific part of an film trough a magifier glas
and toggle between the single images with page up - down.

This would make it easy
to detect misalignments in titles or general rhythm.
And personally would i wold feel more in control
of my selection of the sector I currently want to view.

Currently the behavior jumps
so the top of a page alignes with the top lineal
and dependent on which page is selected on a double page spread
it alignes the left or the right border of the page
to the border of the view window.

Also the pages slightly move up down with every page down /up jump
which results in an a minor imprecision.

This is still better than InD does handle this behavior 
which is jumping kind of randomly
always causing a counteraction / course correction
unless you see it as a kind of randomized control tool. ;)

So thanks for making it better in the first place!

and I would be really delighted if someone
could push it to the even greater level of awesome(ImhO ;-) )
described at the start and make it an option. ;D



good idea! – you could suggest this on as a feature request.
(summarize it as short and as precise as possible...)