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I'm currently working on the layout of my thesis. On every chapter page (right page) I have a figure in the left bottom corner.

I would like this figure to overlow in the gutter margin (into the bleeding margin) of the right page, but not be present in the margin of the left page. Is this possible? I'm aware that for printing this is not important, but I would also like the PDF to be clean for digital reading.

Below is what I tried (see figure):
1. placed the figure before the margin: the whole figure stays within the margins, but you will see white page after printing
2. placed figure on the center line (0cm): figure is cropped at cutting margin, no overflow into the bleeding margin, but appears again on the left page
3. placed figure at -1cm. Now the figure overlflows in the bleeding margin, but ofcourse too much is on the left page.

Any suggestions what I could do?

Thank you!


The easiest way I can think of to do what you want is to set the image frame to "Free Scaling" (Image tab in the Properties Palette) and drag the left side of the frame to the right so that the image no longer shows on the other page.

That's usually all that is necessary but if that's not suitable for your needs then say so and we can discuss more sophisticated methods. (I might not have properly understood your exact needs.)


Sorry for not explaining well enough. Indeed, when you make the image smaller it will no longer show on the left page (although still in the bleeding margin), but unfortunately this also results in the figure not being present in the bleeding margin on the right side (see, situation 2).

What I would like is that the figure is in the bleeding margin on the right page, but not present at all on the left page (not even the bleeding margin). See situation 4 in following figure:

Would this be possible?


Sorry, I thought that would have worked. You probably explained it well enough but I just didn't cotton onto what was happening.

I've just checked and you're correct that the stuff in the bleed area does indeed seem to go missing on export to PDF (this can also be seen in preview mode).

I think what you need to do is, when you export to PDF, go to the Pre Press tab and put a check mark in the "Use Document Bleeds" box (I have no idea why you would set bleeds and then, by default, Scribus would not use them).

See the attached files where an image has been placed across two pages.

Document-2-bleeds.pdf uses the document bleeds and Document-2-no-bleeds.pdf does not. (The magenta line shows the right-hand edge of the left bleed area of the right-hand page.)

And for what you need - I think - Document-2-bleeds-right-only.pdf shows where the image only goes into the bleed area of the right-hand page (you need to manually move the left-hand edge because Scribus can't snap to the bleed area).

If that doesn't fix it then I'm beyond my limited bleeds experience but someone who uses them on a day-to-day basis should be able to help you better.

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hi poopje

i think, garry's solution didn't hit exactly your problem...

if you need inner bleeds (on the binding edge), you either have this overlapping (good for double sided items...), or you separate your pages by a vertical gap of at least twice the bleed width ('file' → 'document setup' → 'display' → 'general' → 'gaps between pages').
unfortunately scribus can't handle both things (overlapping items and separate bleed areas) in the same file.



Hi Garry and Utnik,

I've separated the pages for more than twice the bleed width (didn't this was possible) and this indeed gave the desired result. Thanks for your help!