Issue with printing - maybe wrong document settings?

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I have a strange behavior of my Scribus 1.4.6

When I print out my page, all text starting from a certain point is deleted. Its hard to explain, hence I attached some files.
This happens when I print on PDF24 Printer as well as on my HP Laserprinter.
However, I am able to use the Export-tab in order to get the full page and print that afterwards.

The big textbox is just for demonstrating, I normally have several small text boxes on the document, but the effect is the same.
It only impacts text though, no images or shapes.

Has anybody an explanation?

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hi edecty

some suggestions:

  • don't print direct from scribus! – export a .pdf file instead. (in some configurations direct printing works, but not in all of them.)
  • few printers will print the full area to all edges – unless you have one of them, add margins.
  • don't use forced justified alignment – it hurts while looking at...