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Hi !
New to Scribus.
I am trying to make a journal template, and on every page I need a custom text (e.g. journal name, volume and issue at the botom right corner, author name and short title on the top).
Is there a way to define some sort of a custom variable that will be be defined once for a document and placed on every page (master page) ? Similar to # for current page number ?
Thank you in advance !



welcome to scribus.

yes, the scribus does have variable text
the real variable text is not much tested and is probably not working very well yet

on the other side, there are linked scrapbook elements (patterns) that should work correctly.
you have to insert a frame, but you might reach a similar result as you are looking for.

and in the stable version (1.4) there is no other way than repeating the text on each (master) page...
the scrapbook can be of some help there.