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A complement to my question: What are you using the context menu for?

I use it:

- in Firefox for starting the inspector on a specific item (otherwise it's F12)
- in Irc to leave channels (right click on a specific channel and leave it)
- In Firefox / Libreoffice / Email to pick a spelling correction
- In Gimp to crop and resize images
- In Scribus for sending items to specific layers (I miss the action in Inkscape)
- In Scribus for fitting a frame to the image (but not the image to the frame)

Those are tasks that are highly related with a visual element I see on screen.

Personally, I'd wish that Scribus would have only few action in the context menu, mostly without sub menus.
Highly context sensitive.
Fast to trigger.

And use other means for making the available actions discoverable.

Thinking back a bit on my own use of the context menu:
* Firefox - "Bookmark" and various "Save" functions, sometimes "View Page Source";
* GIMP - only really use it in the Layers toolbox for things like "Add Layer Mask" and "Merge Down", can't remember the last time I used it over an image;
* Inkscape - very rare, can't remember using it (have just been in to see what it looks like);
* Notepad++ - "Select All" and "Copy" normally one straight after the other, and spell check.

If I had to choose a most-used sub-set of actions for the Scribus context menu it might be something like:


* Get Text
* Edit Text
* Sample Text
* Send To Layer
* Convert To
* Edit Shape (open Node Editor)


* Get Image
* Adjust Image to Frame
* Adjust Frame to Image
* Update Image (not entirely necessary)
* Image Effects
* Preview Settings
* Send To Layer
* Convert To
* Edit Shape (open Node Editor)
* Text Flow Around (with options)

POLYGON (and most others)

* Send To Layer
* Convert To
* Edit Shape (open Node Editor)
* Text Flow Around (with options)

A quick reply:

I like GarryP's context menu concept.

I'd add the Levels (up down top bottom) to his lists.

In the more distant future I'd love to see the ability for the user to be able to add or remove items from context menus etc., but that feels like several steps down the road.

hi ale

i don't use the context menu as often as garry (i use more keyboard shartcuts instead…)

my general cm use is:

in inkscape

* move to layer
* select same (color, stroke…)
* set maskin gimp

* layer masks
* other layer operationsin scribus

* send to scrapbook
* send to layer
* convert to (text frame, polygon…)
* update image
* preview settings
* contents → clearin firefox

* view source code
* object inspectorin libreoffice

* image anchor (on page, on paragraph…)
* text flow around objects
* level of objectsutnik

Just found this thread... but how about a customizable context menu? So i can put my most used options there?


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