Small UX Improvement tweak suggestion while we are waiting for the new UI

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Hi Guys,

long time that I don't post in the forum, however I had the opportunity to work intensively on Scribus 1.5.2 (both Linux and MacOS) and actually something easy (I mean I believe that could be easy and maybe i isn't) to do in order to improve temporarily the UX while the brand new one is in developing, for me, exists.

The main tweak concern the tools in the Panel Preference (PP) that are not in use;  I mean when you switch from a frame text to a frame image the tools not in use should collapse automatically but they don't. However It would be better if the tools not in use would be hidden instead of be just insensitive, this will help the PP to be clean and avoid to scroll every time the PP (and maybe to have the elements inside bigger).

What do you think? Would it be hard changing the PP behavior?



Hi Danielsan!

In your idea, if you select an image frame after having worked in a text frame, and then switch back, would the relevant properties palettes re-open after having closed? And would all other relevant palettes become active - but not open?

I like the part of current behaviour that workable palettes "light up" and announce their relevance and availability when I am in a particular type of frame or object.


My basic idea is when you move from an object to another, the tools that are related expand and tools unrelated collapse.

It would be better if the tools not in use get hide, so you could give to tools opened more room around them and make them bigger.

Even better if we can join tools that do the same task, for example you could select the text color directly from the color tool, we don't need to have a duplicated function.

So just for speaking when you aren't selecting nothing or the stage you should see only the document preferences.



ciao danielsan

in 1.5.3svn the text palette has already been separated from from the rest of the properties.

i  guest that the improvement would then be to join all the image, group, and text palettes in one palette and only show the one that is  relevant in the same area...

i really hope that this will be one of the first moves in 1.5.4svn... but first we have to wait for 1.5.3 being released... a thing that should happen in march...



Ciao A.L.E.

Good to know, I look forward to test the 1.5.3, thanks!